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I am currently listening to Hillary Clinton's audio book "WHAT HAPPENED?". In the first disc, she tells about her starting to learn Yoga to help her get through the horrible shock of losing the electoral vote (she won the popular vote!) and learning how to meditate, and proper breathing. She describes analoma viloma (alternate nostril breathing). This technique prepares your body for meditation by clearing your Chakras. All my students have been taught this technique -- following is a description of the Chakras, which I described in my Yoga In Islandia newsletter 18 years ago!

CHAKRAS - What are they?

Chakras are energy centers in the body. There are basically seven such centers: the root, at the base of the spine, the second one is at the pelvic area, the third at the navel - solar plexus , the fourth at the heart center, the fifth at the throat, the sixth is between the eyebrows (the third eye), the seventh at the crown of the head. In Sanscrit the word Chakras means Circle, and the theory is these swirling circles of energy empower us, and if blocked by illness, imbalance of any sort, we suffer, and feel debilitated. The regular practice of Yoga keeps these circles of energy open and flowing. When we Meditate, the action of being quiet and serene through proper breathing, emptying the mind and focusing on a spiritual word or thought, activates the upward motion of the Kundalini energy from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, clearing all the chakras on the way. There are techniques to achieve this, and practiced on a regular basis, restores and maintains good health. Harvard Studies by Dr. Herbert Benson have documented the health benefits of Meditation and its effect of lowering blood pressure, calming the nerves, and maintaining good health.

The recent news that the National Institute of Health is supporting a study of Dr. Dean Ornish's program for heart patients which includes 10% fat diet, yoga, meditation and group support is certainly encouraging. Dr. Ornish gives credit to his guru, Satchidananda, a disciple of Sivananda.


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Asana Photos

New Photo Series Added 27 June 2015
Grace Welch at 90 years old -- Shoulder Stand with Variations

New photo added 28 June 2012
Grace Welch in headstand at age 65

Shoulder Stand Variation (July 2011)

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Assisted Locust;
Double Leg Locust;
Beginner Rocker;
Assisted Backbend with Balance Ball;
Handstand (9 years old).


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Woman, Art & Sakti

Inherent in each person is the power to create. That power, in Sanscrit, is termed Sakti. Sakti is usually understood to be divine inspiration, or sometimes referred to as one's Muse. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you a woman whose art is informed by this universal power, and manifests in her depictions of nature's undulations.

Provy Munafo'

Born in Boxhill (Melbourne) Australia, Ms Munafo' lives and has a studio in the commune of Villa Franca T., Messina, Sicily, Italy. She has a diploma in Applied Arts from the Institute of Arts of Messina, and has a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts of Reggio Calabria.

Ms. Munafo' is a teacher, and for many years is actively pursuing an artist's career, distinguishing herself in regional and national exhibits and competitions. She has had one-woman shows and group exhibitions in several Italian cities.


About Grace Welch

Grace Welch is a certified yoga teacher, with ongoing beginner, intermediate and advanced classes in Islandia, Long Island and Manhattan, New York. She conducts yoga instruction in the Italian language by appointment. She has studied and practiced yoga for 30 years and is a member of the Long Island Yoga Association and the New York Yoga Teachers Association. She is featured in the video "Golden Yoga" (White Lion Press), and has produced a relaxation cassette and an audio CD of her Yoga class. Grace is an Oxford HealthCare Provider. Website: Email: Phone: (631)234-4747

Grace was a founder of the South Shore NOW Chapter serving two terms as president 1973-74; currently a Board Member of Veteran Feminists of America, honoring activists of the Second Wave. You are invited to visit the VFA web site at
To go directly to Grace's bio on the VFA web site, click here.

For Free Nutritional Newsletter, Women's Workshops, or information on the V.F.A. call (631)234-4747.

Grace appears in the film BORAT

-she was one of the three women interviewed in the Veteran Feminists of America segment.

Yoga Alliance

Grace is registered with the Yoga Alliance, a national yoga teacher directory at the 500 hour level, designated by RYT-500.


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